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Location:United States of America
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Community description:Teaching each other to cook
A community for the sharing of recipes, howto's, and other assorted useful information about how to be a grownup and not starve to death OR, teaching each other how to cook.

It's mostly a bunch of us who were friends in college back in the day, and are now scattered to the Four Corners Of The Earth, but anyone is welcome to join on in.

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austin, baltimore, being vegetarian, bloomington, breakfast, brunch, busta kappa nu, cincinnati, collins llc, cooking, cooking for one, cooking quickly, dinner, early afternoon snack, east cost living, eating healthy food, eating junk food, first breakfast, food, indianapolis, lunch, microwaves, midnight snack, new york, pots and pans, second breakfast, snacks, stoves, tea, the harem of power
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